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Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

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Remember prayer changes things, so if you should have a request for prayer, please send it to us using our contact form. You may mail, phone or fax your request. Click here for our contact information.

Brother and sisters around the world will be able to join with you and us in prayer for your particular need or the needs of others. God bless you.

These are the requests for prayer as of Tuesday, December 3, 2019.

*Click here to print the prayer request list

  1. Prayer for my dad's better health and better life.plz heal him with love and care.bless my dad's whole body with good health.make his fistula successful on hand and make it work properly for life long. Please God bless dad, he's thinking a lot taking lot of stress please bless my dad's mind.make improvement in him & make him feel better. My dad is feeling low and weakness in him please bless him with good health & better life.Tabitha John

  2. I'm very sick with the flu. Will you please pray for my ear ache bronchitis.
    I was just baptized last week. Please pray that God will give me the baptism of the holy ghost. And please pray that God will deliver me from enemies. Sis Angie Brown

  3. Continue to please pray for Somalia for drought, and hunger. May the Lord be merciful.

  4. Please thank the Lord Bro Ray Thomson, who has been wonderfully touch by God for the healing of His body. God is a faithful prayer answering God !!

  5. Let continue to lift up Israel before their Lord, to keep them and anoint them, in all their decision making and to encourage them, regardless of their enemies. The Bible says, "they that bless Israel, will be blessed."

  6. Thank our God, for the many answered prayers He has met for us all!.

  7. There are many unspoken prayer requests amongst the Body of Christ, which we want to bring before Him today. God WILL answer everyone of them, if we doubt not.

*Click here to print the prayer request list